3 types of health insurance for children that parents should know

3 types of health insurance for children

When it comes to health insurance for children, many people immediately think of state health insurance. But on the market, there are other types of health insurance, life insurance that offers better medical care benefits .

Understanding the characteristics and benefits of each type of insurance with medical examination and treatment services will help parents easily choose an insurance package to meet the health care needs of their children.

1. Health insurance

Health insurance is one of the types of insurance organized by the State to support the costs of medical examination and treatment and medicines within the allowable range. This is an insurance product for all subjects, especially the State has a regime to support health insurance premiums for a number of priority subjects, including children under 6 years old and students. For children under 6 years old, a free health insurance card is issued and parents only need to bring their child’s birth certificate to the People’s Committee of the commune, ward or township to register for health insurance. For children starting school, as students, students will be supported by the State with part of the cost when buying health insurance at educational institutions.

Children with health insurance cards when going for medical examination and treatment at medical examination and treatment establishments at commune, district or provincial and central levels as prescribed by the Minister of Health are supported 80% – 100% if you go to the right route, and if you go to the wrong route, you will be supported from 40% -100% of the cost of inpatient treatment according to the latest regulations.

In addition, parents need to be aware of cases where they are not entitled to health insurance when providing medical examination and treatment for children, for example, health check-up, nursing care, convalescence, use of alternative medical supplies including dentures, glasses. eyes, hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, artificial eyes, … or medical examination and treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism or other addictive substances.

2. Health insurance

Health insurance is also a package of health care insurance and cost support in case of sickness, disease, accident… and is purchased on a voluntary basis. This type of insurance is provided by non-life insurance companies, parents should consider giving priority to buying for their children. The cost of insurance is much higher than buying health insurance, but the insurance benefits received are also similar.

  • Parents can feel secure about their child’s medical examination and treatment benefits with the following benefits:
  • Support for actual treatment costs or up to hundreds of millions and unlimited number of hospital days
  • Get medical examination and treatment at the leading prestigious hospitals in the country, or foreign hospitals, depending on the package you buy
  • Some products are also free for periodic health check-ups and vaccinations
  • Support the costs of cancer treatment, surgery, ambulance, rescue, transportation, organ transplant, day treatment
  • Guaranteed hospital fees (cashless medical treatment)
  • The large amount of support when unfortunately a child dies helps parents overcome difficulties
  • In addition, parents can choose to add to their child’s benefits for outpatient treatment and dental care
  • Claims are transparent, fast and accurate, registration procedures are easy and convenient.

However, when buying health insurance for children, it is necessary to buy it with a parent. Parents should also consider choosing an insurance plan for their children that fits their family finances and health care needs. Because the policy term is only 1 year (12 months), unused insurance benefits will be lost and premiums are not accrued.

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3. Life insurance

Saving life insurance for children with the main purpose is to prevent risks and create an educational fund for children when they go to university / graduate / study abroad. However, in a main insurance policy, parents can participate in additional health care insurance packages for their children to support their medical expenses in the best way. This is an insurance product that parents should choose first for their children, because parents easily accumulate a small amount of money each month to contribute to the financial fund of the life insurance company. At that time, the child will have health insurance benefits to protect against the risks of accidents, injuries, illnesses, fatal diseases, etc. along with educational benefits when going to university or starting a business.

In addition, when participating in health care insurance, children will receive preeminent medical benefits such as:

  • Support for inpatient and outpatient treatment costs up to hundreds of millions, dental care with actual costs
  • Support for surgery costs, cancer treatment, organ transplants, ambulance costs…
  • Guaranteed hospital fees at major domestic and foreign hospitals
  • Quick, online compensation procedure
  • In addition, the benefits of financial support and exemption of insurance policy premiums for children when parents are unlucky enough to face unexpected risks.

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