Should I buy insurance? Please answer the following questions yourself

Should I buy insurance

Surely everyone has wondered whether to buy insurance when it comes to any insurance product. So if you want to get the correct answer, then answer the following practical questions yourself.

1. Do you want to get timely financial support when unfortunately encountering risks?

Risks are unpredictable, can strike at any time… At those times, a sum of money to overcome the consequences is very urgent. But who are people to turn to for help? Are they willing to help even when the amount needed is huge? It is certainly very difficult, even the closest people, in part themselves, cannot afford to support. Therefore, the fastest answer is to buy  life insurance  right away so that the insurance company can provide timely financial support when unfortunately encountering a risk.

2. Do you want to be financially secure for your child’s future no matter what happens to you?

The responsibility for children is a long way, it is heavier when life becomes more and more difficult, that is, when sickness and disease, work pressure and unemployment pressure are inevitable, risks Labor and traffic accidents often haunt, the pressure of school fees and school for children exhausting parents… all things can happen. And the most unfortunate is that the breadwinner falls, who will replace them as a financial support for their children?

Therefore, more than anyone else, the breadwinner should have life insurance to ensure the family’s finances so that whatever happens to them, the future of their children is still guaranteed thanks to financial resources. Support from the insurance company through protection benefits, fee waiver benefits, education benefits…

3. Do you want to have the best chance to repay your parents?

Paying respect to your parents is something that should not be delayed because you never know how many opportunities you have to repay your parents. Filial piety is not necessarily about giving money, but sometimes just being good children, buying tonic pills, inviting good doctors to cure diseases, or becoming useful people, successful people or having a family. happiness … Until you grow up, have a family, have children, you will understand the great meaning of filial piety and want to do it immediately. But when I put all my heart into taking care of my children, who will take care of my parents?

At this time, insurance becomes a gentle spring breeze, a meaningful gift that a child can fully dedicate to parents. Insurance will be a gift to help you send love and return when you are not at the best care for them. The benefits to support hospital fees and the amount of money paid when they are unfortunately at risk will be the best tool for you to have the opportunity to help your parents get the best care at reputable hospitals, class services, professional doctor. Especially when participating in life insurance for parents, you are even more secure when you are sure of a retirement plan for full old age that is difficult for children to do.

4. Do you want your family to be fully protected?

Family is the most important thing to each person, this is the place to sow the seeds for your high-flying life, also the fulcrum for you to rely on when the most difficult, also the place where you can return to any place. at any time to cultivate and get motivated to move on. Who does not want to have a complete family to have full love and desire to protect that family. This is exactly what life insurance is about.

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A family that may not be financially well off can still participate on the same life insurance policy. At that time, the breadwinner is the main protected parent, and the spouse and children also receive the best health care until the age of 70. If you have more money and are more financially comfortable, you should join a contract for each person to get the most complete protection and the best future plan.

Having insurance in general and life insurance in particular for the family is a peace of mind because it is comprehensively protected. Do not waste time looking for reasons to answer the question of whether to buy insurance, but the family is the most legitimate and urgent reason so that you do not have to regret the loss of the opportunity to take care of your family. .

5. Do you wish to enjoy old age to the fullest?

Each stage of life has its own meaning, old age is something no one wants but cannot avoid the life law of “birth, old age, sickness, and death”. So the only way is to accept and enjoy meaningful old age. Stop devoting yourself to your family, work and children and take care of your health and spirit more because as you age, your health decreases and you have less time for yourself. …

But realized, despite spending a long time of youth working hard until the end, there is still no savings for old age, while the children are no longer around, they know who to expect. ? At this point, ignoring insurance is a huge omission. So if you want to have a full retirement age, save up from a young age and don’t forget to choose a form  of savings insurance  to preserve your long-term plan.

No matter who you are, you should buy life insurance because it is tied to your life and helps you accomplish many meaningful goals and plans in your life.