Some frequently asked questions when buying auto body insurance


Besides finding out how much body insurance costs, car owners have a lot of questions about this topic. Therefore, we have compiled and answered some of the following questions.

Should the time of use be short, should you buy auto body insurance?

This question we are asked directly many times. Because car owners think, “Why do you buy very little insurance when you ride a car?”

Really, more or less time should own it because of the many benefits that come from insurance.

The bumps on the road can be ignored, but unexpected accidents are unpredictable and do not exclude anyone.

With insurance backing up, your best bet is the lowest level auto body pack which is the preferred choice. Be a wise user when making the right decisions for your benefit.

If the car is old, should you buy auto body insurance?

Most drivers or family cars have vehicles and years of experience whether new or used. Then they still have for themselves an insurance company that suits them for its benefits. This auto body pack insurance is a must-have. To avoid unfortunate risks such as theft, collision and having to pay expensive car repair costs alone without insurance.

You need to carefully consider these car body packages and choose the right one for you so that insurance can cover unexpected, unnecessary losses. The staff will answer you directly questions such as: What is physical or car body insurance, which type is right for you, fees, compensation amount, procedures, conditions, Deductible,…

Car body insurance coverage?

Most companies are responsible for compensating car owners for physical damage in the following cases:

a/ Crash, crash, overturn, overturn, off-center, sink, fall the whole vehicle; being hit by other objects, being hit by other people’s destructive behavior.

b/ Fire, explosion.

c/ Force majeure disasters caused by nature.

d/ Loss of the entire vehicle due to theft.

In addition to the regulations on physical insurance, there are additional terms such as: water damage, no depreciation of spare parts and replacement materials, selection of repair facilities, theft of parts, etc.) . Therefore, car owners can choose additional terms based on their needs and financial capabilities.

In fact, the price for customers to buy body insurance for their cars varies based on the following factors:

Vehicle use time
Price of each type of vehicle
Damage rate, vehicle return and premium paid in the previous year (if you signed up for insurance in the previous year and intend to renew)
Additional benefit options in addition to primary coverage
Here are the answers to the question of how much does auto body insurance cost. Hopefully this article will help you get a lot of useful information before deciding to join this type of insurance.