The meaning of life insurance not everyone knows

The meaning of life insurance 2

Life insurance products are often seen as an important product, having both spiritual and material value. Therefore, understanding the meaning and benefits of life insurance will help you always have a positive outlook on life. Let’s take a look at some of the main meanings of life insurance:

1. Being responsible for your own life

When life is still very difficult and when the future will be able to bring both good things and inevitable risks such as illness, accident, unemployment, etc., what you need most is to stay alive. financial columns to help you proactively overcome and easily stand up to continue on the chosen path.

The meaning of life insurance

2. Is to show love, is to want to do good responsibilities with family members

When a person knows how to take care of and take care of themselves well, that person will also take care and perform well in their role for the people they love. This will be most evident when that person is the breadwinner in the family and has bought himself a life insurance policy. If unfortunately there is a risk, life insurance will stand out to help them fulfill their family responsibilities and continue living even without a breadwinner by their side.

The meaning of life insurance 1

3. Is to save money, time and appreciate life

Joining insurance is the most effective savings method, both protected and accumulated, helping you to appreciate your labor, cherish the time to save money so that you don’t have to make the plan from scratch. If you are unlucky enough to take risks but still achieve your children’s educational goals, enjoy retirement to the fullest.

4. Is to share bad luck in the community

In addition to the meaning for yourself and your family, life insurance also brings another human meaning of sharing with the community. With every life insurance policy you take, every premium you pay to the life insurance company ‘s financial reserve,   you are contributing to the loss of other unlucky people in your life. life.

From a social perspective, life insurance is contributing a part to the development of the economy. You wonder where the money that insurance companies pay in case you are at risk comes from when the amount of compensation is sometimes many times the amount of the premium you pay? In order to maintain operations as well as have a large amount of money to pay compensation to customers, companies have used part of the fees you pay to invest in banks, stocks… to generate profits. return it to its own customers. Thus, it can be understood that the money you spend to participate in  life insurance  to protect yourself is also a way to contribute to socio-economic development.

“Not because someone is going to die, but because our loved ones need to live.” – Harish Mishra

The role of life insurance cannot be denied for the participants themselves, their loved ones and the whole social community, but not everyone understands those values. Hopefully the article will help you realize the true value that life insurance brings, from which you will think more positively and participate in life insurance as a way to protect yourself, your family and your contributions for the society.