The most beneficial life insurance experience


Take the time to find out experience buying life insurance Help you be confident and wise to choose the insurance plan that is most beneficial for you.

Consider choosing a reputable professional insurance company

Every life insurance company is good but buying insurance is a trust, so customers should carefully research to choose a reputable and professional company to help you feel completely secure throughout the process of participating.

Reputable insurance companies not only have a long history but also companies with solid economic potential expressed through assets, revenues, profits and capital efficiency. In addition, reputable companies will be satisfied with products, customer service, benefits. Especially, there is a team of professional, reputable and wholehearted insurance agents for customers. Insurance advisors are the ones who directly advise and assist you in choosing the best insurance plan, and they will stand by you for the duration of the policy (unless you quit). So choose enthusiastic consultants, put customer interests first and be ready to explain, advise specifically, in detail, all rights, exclusions, notes, safe ways to participate…

Distinguish products before choosing to avoid confusion about benefits

The insurance market has many different types of insurance, each company deploys a full range of products. Therefore, after choosing an insurance company, you should ask a consultant to clearly explain the characteristics of the products so that you can distinguish and choose products with appropriate benefits without being misunderstood about the benefits.

For example, the two most advanced types of products of companies today are products of protection and products about invest. Accordingly, these two products have quite clear differences in protection rights, protection duration, investment rights and flexibility when paying fees.

There are two products in the investment product line. unit affiliate insurance and general insurance differs in terms of investment benefits, a product is not interest-committed, a product with minimum interest rate commitment.

In addition, a major insurance policy will attach additional products with low premiums and high protection benefits. But when choosing too many add-ons also raises the total premiums, exceeding your financial capacity, so choose which one that meets your most practical protection needs. Therefore, you need to understand your needs and grasp the products to choose the insurance package that is most beneficial for you.

The most beneficial life insurance experience 1

Choose an insurance plan with a reasonable premium and long protection period

Everyone wants to be covered with high benefits when they are at risk. However, the high protection denomination means that you have to pay a high fee. The most beneficial insurance policy is that it is maintained to pay a regular fee throughout the process of participation. If the fee is overpoured with your family, you are unlikely to maintain the contract for a long time, then your rights will not be guaranteed. So consider entering into an insurance policy that has a fee that is suitable for family financial conditions, the best payout is about 10-15% of the income level.

At the same time, do not forget to choose a long-term, lifetime insurance plan that is best because the risk can come at any time. And the older you get, the greater the risk, especially for health problems.

Do not delegate all responsibility to the insurance consultant.

The insurance policy is your choice, premium and insurance benefits, so never give all responsibility to the insurance consultant. No matter how well the consultant can advise and support you, the insurance company is the one that pays your benefits, so you should be responsible for your own payments and insurance benefits. Take your time. Really valuable consideration to carefully read the contract terms and thoroughly understand the problems in the contract through the response of the consultant.

The sooner you get insurance, the cheaper the fee.

One of the most important pieces of advice for first-time life insurance participants is to get into coverage as soon as possible, because when health is good and age is low, the lower the premium. Especially, early participation helps you to be fully protected and protected for the longest time.

Learn about life insurance Protecting yourself and your family is a wonderful thing. However, to ensure long-term insurance benefits and pay for the right purposes, please immediately refer to the experience before buying life insurance!