What about spending money wisely?


Some people think that living saving is very boring because the money earned must be saved and do not dare to spend on what you like. In fact, you’ll discover that cutting back on spending is pretty easy and you can still enjoy life.

The more you save, when you’re in an emergency, you won’t worry about not having money and having to borrow everywhere. Here’s how to spend money wisely that you can apply:

1. Spend money on quality products

Cheap products are not always good. Paying 100$ for a beautiful and trendy outfit is better than spending 30$ on a dress that is not as beautiful and poor fabric quality. Cheap items can come with poor quality and you have to buy more times.

2. Spend money on products from supermarkets

You will find it difficult to find any difference between branded products and products sold in supermarkets. Try grabbing a bottle of branded peanut butter with a normal bottle and comparing the ingredients. Do the same with other products such as canned vegetables, pasta … In fact, branded products are more expensive because they cost a higher marketing budget, not better quality.

3. Reduce the amount of leftovers

One survey found that 50% of food is not eaten but thrown away. To avoid wasting food, change the way you shop. Instead of buying arbitrarily, before you go, make a specific list of things to buy. Write down the amount of leftovers you’ve left each month and cut it down accordingly.

4. Wait

spending money wisely 1

Smart shoppers need to be patient. Why do you have to spend up to 25$ to buy a beautiful dress but only wear it when it is cold? If you really like the dress, be patient and wait for the sale.

5. Use coupons for special occasions

Eating dinner outside is a favorite activity of many people but it will make you get “bagpiitis” quite quickly. Restaurants often have coupons or promotions to attract customers. So, if you receive a coupon, put it away and use it on special occasions.

6. Dating in the afternoon instead of in the evening

spending money wisely 2

Movies that are shown in the evening are usually more expensive. Why do you have to pay double the ticket price just to have fun in a place where many people and try to find a seat in a packed theater? Therefore, choose the movie screening earlier because this saves money and avoids crowding.

Make a savings plan that is reasonable and effective. Without being a financial expert, you can still achieve both goals with superior solutions from Savings insurance Manulife’s. Watch now!