What is health insurance? Benefits and benefits not to be missed


Buying  health insurance  will share the financial burden when unfortunately there is a risk. So what is health insurance? What are the benefits and benefits of this insurance package?

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance for the insured person’s injury, accident, illness, disease or health care paid for by the insurer as agreed in the insurance contract.

Health insurance is considered a solid financial support when you and your family encounter risks, unexpected and unforeseen accidents or unfortunate illnesses.

The participation of the customer with this product is completely voluntary, not coercive. Most of the product packages offered by insurance companies already have benefits, customers depending on their needs and their families will choose the available benefit packages.

The feature of health insurance is that the contract period is only 1 year, and you pay a one-time fee to enjoy the benefits. If you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of the insurance package, you need to renew your insurance (simply understand, renew, pay a premium for the product to continue to take effect).

According to the Law on Insurance Business, health insurance is divided into three main types of insurance:

  • Human accident insurance;
  • Health Insurance;
  • Health care insurance.

In there:

Human accident insurance

Insurance is a type of insurance for the event of an accident that causes the death of the insured person, bodily injury or gives rise to medical expenses covered by the insurance.

Benefits in the event of death or bodily injury are paid in proportion to the sum insured, medical expenses such as medication, surgery, treatment or use of medical equipment, rental room, rental car emergency … will be compensated according to the actual cost or percentage of the insurance amount depending on the product of each company.

Commercial health insurance

Also known as health insurance of non-life insurance companies, which are commercial, profitable operations according to the Law on Insurance Business No. 24/2000/QH10 dated December 9, 2000 and the Law on Amendment , supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Insurance Business No. 61/2010/QH12 dated 24/11/2010. Currently, there are many domestic and foreign-invested insurance enterprises deploying this type of insurance.

Health insurance is for-profit, not state-owned. Health insurance coverage is transnational. The amount of premium will depend on the income of each individual wishing to participate in insurance. Therefore, the level of benefit will also be agreed between the buyer and the seller and is proportional to the premium payment.

Health care insurance

This type of insurance helps customers get the best medical care with many outstanding benefits such as regardless of right or wrong line, public or private hospital, domestic or foreign; are paid according to actual cost and benefit limit for inpatient, outpatient, dental, maternity, organ transplant, cancer treatment benefits, etc.

What is health insurance 1

In many cases, health insurance pays higher benefits than health insurance. In addition, some health insurance products also guarantee hospital fees for patients. For example, the product “The gift of health” of Manulife Vietnam.

This solution provides additional hospital fee guarantee services at public and private hospitals, nationally and internationally. Total benefits can be paid up to a maximum of one billion dong a year with many options. Parents participating in life insurance can buy additional health insurance for their children in the same policy.

Benefits and benefits not to be missed when participating in health insurance

With its superiority, health insurance offers customers many benefits and outstanding benefits as follows:

    • Customers participate in insurance voluntarily, depending on their financial ability as well as the needs of individuals and families.
    • You can choose a clinic or hospital freely (in the list of hospitals and clinics in the contract), choose a place you trust and don’t need the right route. This gives clients freedom and flexibility when it comes to medical examination and treatment.
    • Some high-end insurance packages also have coverage beyond the territory of Vietnam, allowing customers to access foreign medical services in special or urgent cases.
  • There is no need for a pre-insurance medical examination , unless required by the insurance company.
  • Health insurance covers hospital expenses, medical treatment, etc. as specified in the contract terms. In addition, some product packages have the benefit of guaranteeing hospital fees during hospitalization (applicable to hospitals on the list of hospital fee guarantees).
  • One health insurance policy can be used by the whole family. This benefit brings convenience and flexibility to customers when participating in health insurance.

No need to have too many contracts with lengthy and confusing terms, customers just need to choose an insurance package that suits their budget, needs and participates for the whole family. covered” with comprehensive insurance benefits.

The speed of claims of health insurance services is relatively fast. Only about 15 working days, customers can receive compensation if the claim file is not without problems.

Some insurance companies with good customer service will always have a hotline/hotline to assist customers in making claims as quickly as possible. This is the preeminent convenience that is usually only available for profitable products and services when they want the best and most dedicated support to customers.

What is the difference between health insurance and health insurance?

The most outstanding feature that health insurance has is the protection from the State. Health insurance is social, non-profit, is the guarantee of the state’s social security policy, taking care of the people’s health and life.

While health insurance is profitable, it is aimed at comprehensive protection for customers. The benefits that health insurance bring are directed to the financial protection as well as the health of the user.

Following are the most basic differences between health insurance and medical insurance that many people should know:

Criteria Health insurance Health Insurance
Mandatory Optional Compulsory for the subjects specified in the Law on Health Insurance.
Scope of benefits Diverse, selected to suit your needs. Covered in the Health Insurance Act.
Compensation limit Big, maybe up to billions of dong.

Proportional to the amount of fees paid by the customer.

Paid from 40-100% of hospital fees.

Pay up to 45 times the base salary.

Expense Flexible according to your needs Depends on base salary
Scope of application Transnational In the territory of Vietnam
Special benefits Support medical transportation costs Yes Not available
Home care service Yes Not available

It can be seen that health insurance brings a lot of benefits and benefits to customers participating in insurance. Join  health insurance  now so that hospital fees or treatment costs are no longer a burden.