What is the use of life insurance? Who should buy life insurance?


Many people still wonder buy life insurance. What to do when you see so many people who own insurance for themselves and their families? And the three biggest reasons are to hedge risk, to accumulate, to invest for the future, and to be assured of protected needs and guaranteed financial needs.

To prevent risk for the whole family

Right now you’re feeling good about life and everything is fine, the money you earn is enough to cover and save a little, the job hasn’t changed, the kids are still learning with friends… And most families do too. But that’s when life is peaceful and nothing has happened. Maybe one day is not far from the risk to your family, you or your loved ones who are unfortunately seriously ill, have an accident or injury, or find out that there is a dangerous disease? While the savings are too little, the source of income is not sufficient and can be lost when the person at risk is the breadwinner.

At this time, life insurance is promoted for the purpose of financial support to reduce the burden of money for the family. Because people at risk have been affected by declining health and morale but also pressure on medical costs and treatment costs, it is difficult to overcome. Fortunately, receiving the amount of payment from the life insurance company, the family will be completely assured when choosing a good medical facility, almost no hospital fees, the patient is optimistic and assured of healing, family life is stable, children are still fully educated.

What is the use of life insurance

The best part of a life insurance risk provision is immeasuration and community sharing, meaning that as long as you are insured, whenever you are at risk, the insurance company is always ready to pay in a timely manner with large amounts of money from the contributions of the co-enrollees to help the non-insured. Luck quickly overcomes difficulties. For example, if you are approved by the insurance company and issued an insurance certificate, the risk occurs after a day, a month or a year, you immediately receive insurance benefits up to several hundred million, several billion depending on the protection agent to compensate for financial losses, limit losses caused by risk.

To accumulate, invest for the future

The luckiest thing in life is not that you make a lot of money or succeed, but that you don’t take any big risks and live in peace. Then the money to hedge risk becomes a accumulated amount of money for a long time and still be profitable investment effective. When the accumulated money is large enough, you can accomplish a lot of other goals in life, for example, at important stages, your family will need huge amounts of money to realize your dream.

It is for your child to study in the best environment when going to university, studying abroad or giving him a small source of capital to confidently establish a career, firmly enter the life. Or the maturing amount can help you fulfill your desire to own your own home, a car so your family can travel, hang out together. Or a large enough amount of money to settle old without having to worry about depending on your children and grandchildren. Thus, the same savings on life insurance can be spared for any future.

And let the soul be at peace

Life will no longer be comfortable and happy and confident when we are always guarding worries about something bad that will come, especially the risks that happen, what life will be like. Therefore, many people always have the position of preparing everything to be assured and ready to respond to misfortunes. A savings for sick times in the hospital, a fee for your child’s school fees and home failures, or an insurance package for the car/house/goods/factory/boat… And especially at least one life insurance package for the whole family to be more assured of health events, children pay attention to study, parents are assured of doing business because life insurance is a solid financial fulcrum against the risks in life. And if the worst happens to parents, parents no longer worry about bringing financial burdens to their families and children and are assured that their future education path is always guaranteed.

Life insurance offers very practical and meaningful benefits to anyone’s life, so everyone should have at least one insurance policy for themselves.

Life insurance is not just about saving, saving, but a hedging plan, financial planning accumulate for the future so that the family is always assured, always receive timely financial support to compensate for losses and losses when unfortunately bad things happen.